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  • Laura Bourke

    I passed my driving test this morning and all with thanks to Paul! I\'m absolutely thrilled. It\'s no wonder he has such a high pass rate all because he is so passionate about his job. I\'ve had 2 previous instructors and failed the test 3 times before Paul put me on the straight and narrow. I got his number from a friend and he didn\'t disappoint whether you are a nervous driver or like myself cursed with so many bad habits, he fixed them and prepared me for the test. He gives you adequate praise and critique. His enthusiasm, knowledge and experience set me up to pass the test. Thanks a million Paul I truly wouldn\'t of done it without your help and patience. I really appreciate it and I would highly recommend Paul .Laura

    Feb 27, 2013
  • Adriana Magherusan

    I just passed my driving test this morning in Finglas and I couldn\'t have done it without the help and advice from Paul. I failed my driving test first time with another instructor but Paul is different. He explains everything in detail and repeats it so many times that you cannot forget. I haven\'t seen anyone so dedicated and passionate about their job like Paul.
    I highly recommend Paul as an excellent instructor!! Thanks a lot, Adriana

    Feb 26, 2013
  • Cormac Ring

    I passed my driving test with Paul\'s help, he\'s an excellent instructor because he\'s passionate about his job, he really wants you to pass and he does everything he can to help you achieve that aim. I found his patience brilliant throughout the lessons and he fills you with confidence during your first few lessons, telling you not to worry about delaying other cars etc saying that everyone was a learner at some point. He communicates with you as well, telling you what to improve on and he\'s always tuned in during the lesson, he recognises your faults and fixes them. He was easy to get on with and I\'d recommmend him highly

    Feb 19, 2013
  • Aileen O\'Keeffe

    I just passed my driving test today, needless to say I am thrilled! I no it would not have been possible without the help, guidance and advice that Paul gave me. He really makes you feel comfortable and at ease during your lessons. He pulls you up on what you\'re doing wrong and more importantly he will praise you when you\'re doing it right!!when Paul says you\'re doing it right, you must be, as he is always right!! He is a pure gent and is so dedicated and enthusiastic about his job. He is a fantastic role model for all the instructors out there. I don\'t think you could get better than Paul. Thanks for all your help Paul, much appreciated. Aileen

    Feb 6, 2013
  • Alan Fleming

    Passed my test earlier today in pauls car. i had never even been in the drivers seat of a car when i before i met paul. i started my 12 lessons with paul and by the 2nd lesson i was driving the car around my local area feeling safe secure and confident. i did another 10 lessons or so and i passed my test today on my first attempt. there is no doubt that paul is an amazing instructor infact just this week he had 5 students doing the test and every single person passed. i would recommend paul to anybody who wants to learn how to drive. not only is he a great instructor but he is also very very dedicated and passionate about his students he was happy than i was today that i passed. such a great guy, was a pleasure to be tought by one of the best.

    Jan 31, 2013
  • Keith Reynolds

    Passed my test today in finglas and I wouldn\'t of gotten there if it was not for Paul. I started my 12 lessons with Paul and he got me from the basics to test ready and it was nothing but enjoyable. Paul is a top instructor who is so dedicated to getting you passed it\'s insane at points I felt he wanted it more than I did. Other than Paul being a top instructor he is a top bloke who will have the banter but can be serious when needs be and will get you passed. I\'d recommend Paul highly to get you passed your test and he is excellent for getting started. Thanks Paul for everything your a gentlemen and it was a pleasure mate.

    Jan 30, 2013
  • Ciarán Lattin

    Passed my driving test today in finglas and the majority of my success in the test came from my driving instructor Paul. I had lessons with Paul the last 2/3 months and I\'m so glad that with all his advice, knowledge and experices has got me my full licence. Since day 1, Paul has been honest and dedicated towards my driving and it\'s nice to have someone teaching you that\'s has a bit of Craic whilst doing so. I\'d recommend Paul to any of my friends and family simply because his track record and exceptional knowledge speaks for itself. PAUL IS THE MAN!

    Jan 29, 2013
  • Anthony Donohoe

    Passed my test first time today delighted to say the least and couldn\'t of done it without the great help and guidance from paul,I was no were near test standard when i met paul but with a lot of disagreements and Paul right as usual he got me to test standard and more!! Thanks Paul.... Would highly reccomend Paul to anyone!! And I\'ve never seen anyone get so much joy from their job and it\'s a credit to Paul.....

    Jan 29, 2013
  • claire o\'keeffe

    I passed my test first time yesterday as a result of all the help & advice from Paul. He is very passionate about his job & wants to make people better drivers. Paul is very patient & knows what it takes to pass the test. I would highly recommend Paul as a driving instructor. Thanks again Paul.

    Jan 29, 2013
  • Paul Smyth

    Passed my test on Friday 18th with only two grade 2s - a testament to Paul’s ability as a teacher!
    I have tried main instructors and never succeeded to enjoy driving and passing the test. With Paul it was a pleasure and I really enjoyed learning as Paul has so much enthusiasm for what he does and endless patience, what’s more he is very honest on what you do and don’t do well making it possible to correct your mistakes. Paul knows exactly what is required to pass the driving test and guides you to the standard needed. Thanks again Paul

    Jan 24, 2013
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